Is Your pH Level Making Your Cellulite Worse?

For a natural anti cellulite solution, your cellulite treatment plan needs to include some changes in your daily routine that has contributed to the whole cellulite picture. A lasting cellulite cure involves a well-rounded plan to control cellulite and its causes. Changes in lifestyle can have a very positive impact on your outward appearance, your emotions, how you view the world and how the world perceives you.

You can get rid of your cellulite naturally by eliminating the cause of cellulite and improving your overall health in the process. There are many different natural methods of treating cellulite. These methods should be combined into a complete cellulite treatment program.

Cellulite occurs in up to 95% of the female population. Cellulite does not occur as a result of being overweight although weight can contribute to the problem, many thin people also have cellulite. Cellulite may simply be a matter of too little water causing the body to become dehydrated and a pH imbalance in the body.

Most people have little information about how their pH level can affect their appearance. An optimal pH level in the human body is 7.4, the national average is around 6.3 and many people are a lot lower. Women are unaware that a body that is more acidic may actually help to cause cellulite. This could lead to the thought that cellulite is not a normal occurrence but rather an alert that the body is out out balance.

Adopting a more alkaline diet and ridding yourself of acidic foods may help a lot.

Here is a closing thought – one glass of cola has a pH of 2.5. You would have to drink 30+ glasses of water with a pH of 10 to neutralize the affects. Raising and maintaining an optimal pH level could help you get rid of cellulite.

Think about it.

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