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fat girl slim bliss cellulite treatment

fatgirlslim Bliss Cellulite buster

Looking for a skin firming cream that will make you scream from the results that it produces? Look no further because the Fatgirlslim from Bliss is a skin firming cream that will visibly reduce dimples and cellulite. Energize your skin and stimulate its surface with this advanced-technology featuring QuSome-encapsulated caffeine molecules for quick targeted firming action. This hard working cream visibly reduces the look of excess fluid retention in skin layers while firming and contouring at the same time. Get going and improve your tone and texture by rubbing this on your skin twice a day for only 20-30 seconds!

  • Reduces the appearance of excess fluid retention
  • Energizes the skin
  • Stimulates the skin surface to firm

Directions: Massage into trouble spots on the body twice a day for 20-30 seconds to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the tone and texture of skin.

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Bliss fan Brittany gives it four stars in her review:

What I like most about Bliss- Fatgirlslim The Bliss-Fatgirlslim cream was awesome when I used it. It helped to remove the appearance of cellulite from my body that I have spent years trying to remove. This Bliss-Fatgirlslim is very helpful to use for anyone trying to improve the firmness of their skin. The Bliss-Fatgirlslim cream helped to remove the appearance of dimples from my leg and buttock areas. The cream helped to make my skin look firmer and smoother in certain areas. What I disliked most about Bliss-Fatgirlslim The price of the cream at $30.00 to $50.00 per bottle can be a little expensive. The cream can only do so much in making my skin look firmer and smoother. – See more at: BeautyBridge

As part of your body-bettering routine, we suggest regular vigorous massage and the use of the rest of our bliss fatgirlslim® regimen. bliss® Fatgirlslim™ is a lean, mean body firming cream to target less-than-perfect parts from head-to-toe. Smooth, soften, firm, and tone your skin with our best selling line-up of body-bettering blends and tools that bring the benefits of our famously firming  spa expertise to you at home. The collection includes a full range of products designed to target your most troublesome parts. We suggest using the complete fatgirlslim® regimen in conjunction with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and regular vigorous massage. These are not weight or fat loss products. Life happens, falls happen, subway grates happen, bare-leg weather comes too early, last minute dates pop-up. You’re ready. You’ve got hide and glow sleek, a sheer veil of illuminating color to camouflage skin imperfections instantly plus a caffeine and peptide complex to effectively firm, tone and reduce the appearance of dimpled skin.

Our classic and clinically proven full-body firming cream, helps visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the tone and texture of skin with excapsulated caffeine for quick and target delivery.

Fat Girl Slimming Treatment Kit

Fat Girl Slim Treatment Kit

As part of your body-bettering routine, we suggest using in conjunction with regular exercise, a healthy diet, regular vigorous massage and the rest of the Bliss fatgirlslim® regimen. This is not a weight or fat loss product.


91% of women found their skin to be instantly smoother*
87% of women experienced instantly firmed and toned skin*
86% of women experienced an instant slimming effect*

*In a consumer perception study using healthy females from 18-60 years of age.


Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite
Energizes skins
Encourages drainage of excess fluid and toxins for improved body contour

How to Use:

Massage into trouble spots on the body twice a day for 20-30 seconds to improve the tone and texture of skin. Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Order Now Cellulite Body CreamIf you already keep fairly fit but have some cellulite, product does reduce appearance especially with consistent use. It is not a miracle but it does what it says. Absorbs quickly too. So in order to give a good review, i decided to try this for 5 months straight. So for about the first month i didnt really see anything different or notice anything different, so i thought about just quitting using it and using the normal lotion i use. But soonly after that, i noticed that some of the cellulite on my inner thigh has disappeared along with some scars on the top. So then i decided that i would definately continue, i use this every day before i work out. For my work outs, i dont do anything that spectacular or tiring, just a quick 20 minutes. So now 5 months later, i have no cellulite on my thighs and barely any on my butt so i would say this was a good investment for me. In order for it to give its full effect, make sure to eat healthily and work out at least a little a day, it cant just automatically make the cellulite disappear you have to give it time. The only thing i didn’t like it how its like a really thin consistency.

Nikki says: I’ve used fat girl slim on and off for a few years. I use it just as Spring arrives so I know I am ready for the summer. It does reduce the orange peel look on my thighs and tightens ant tones. Along with a better diet and exercise I see better results. It is not particularly hydrating so I do use a moisturizer over it.

Jo reviews: “Hydrating, Scented, Gorgeous!!!” I never thought that a cream could possibly do anything to diminish cellulite, etc. but boy am I surprised! I recently lost a lot of weight because of an accident and the skin above my knees have begun to look like the Elephant Man’s! It’s not cellulite, it’s wrinkly folds and looks weird. Upon only one use I noticed an obvious change! It’s amazing! I am also using it on my face which has begun to sag a bit as well and notice a slight difference in my jowl line. Now I’m using it on the back of my upper arms with the hope I’ll see some firming there as well. Of course exercise can’t hurt, but because I’m recovering from major back surgery that’s not possible yet. Meanwhile, I’m back for more and will look into Bliss’s other body products. To see it is to believe it!

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This multi purpose firming cream can also be used on scars. I use this cream for a nasty keloid scar I have on my arm. This product has done wonders to reduce the raised scar and even out the skin. For this purpose I love this cream, not sure how well it fairs for cellulite but I assume (with the results I’ve had with my scar) that it does a great job at evening out dimples.

bliss fatgirlslim tech tip For optimal results and maximum effectiveness, exfoliate several times per week using fatgirlscrub to rev-up and prepare skin for fatgirlslim®’s active ingredients.

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